Uniplan is modular, flexible yet sophisticated, therefore you only use the modules you need. As your business grows you can add additional modules or users any time you wish, or manipulate it to work with newly designed processes.

Uniplan is able to assist with all aspects of manufacturing including, Inventory Management, MRP, Procurement and Project Management.

  • CRM Contact/Process Manager
  • Enquiry and Quotations
  • Sales Management
  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Management
  • Packing and Shipping
  • EDI
  • Payroll and HR
  • Resource Tracking and Time in Attendance
  • Service and Warranties
  • Procurement
  • Analysis
  • Shop Floor

CRM Contact/Process Manager

Our Contact Manager is a fast and easy way to organise your resources and remind/control who did what and when, which is essential for modern working environments. Easily visualise the position of your customer or supplier delivering a quality experience. Manage internal operations by allocating process calls and tasks to yourself and other colleagues giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Uniplan’s Contact Manager includes range of user friendly features that include:

  • Create and manage tasks with ease
  • Share tasks, set priority levels and allocate tasks throughout the business
  • Measure the performance of your call takers by checking call resolution time & the number of calls dealt with
  • Identify key contacts
  • Filter on key accounts and monitor all activity
  • Link documentation to specific tasks

What are the benefits of using Uniplan CRM Contact/Process Manager?

  • Visualise customer, supplier and Prospect information
  • Ability to up-sell and cross-sell more efficiently
  • Reliable access to all the customer activity
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Remote staff become more equipped to manage their time more efficiently
  • Improved visibility

Enquiry and Quotations

Our Enquiries and Quotations module offers a flexible way to monitor and control your pipeline from enquiry point through to sale and production. Analyse the enquiry source, rejection analysis and expiry information so you maximise your selling potential. Register enquiries and manage each one through your sales process with our Contact Manager Module so no matter whether an enquiry has been converted into a sale or if it has been lost during the sales process, all correspondence is stored.

The majority of enquiries are lost because they are not acted upon swiftly enough. This main cause of this is the mismanagement of the enquiry information. So no matter what channel your enquiry starts from website, over the phone or email, feel secure that your information is in one place.

Enquiry and Quotations allows you to:

  • Easily categorise by stock, price or lead time
  • Allocate enquiries for next actions
  • Produce detailed reports
  • Automatically progress an enquiry to a quotation
  • Simple progression structure
  • Streamline quotation and sales process

What are the benefits of using Enquiry and Quotations?

  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Full control
  • Seamless Processing
  • Professional quotations
  • Simple sales management tool

Sales Management

Encompassing Enquiries, Quotations, Estimating and Sales Order Processing (SOP) the sales management area covers everything you need when looking at generating and processing sales with the ability to raise, track and analyse all enquiries and quotes ensuring you never miss an opportunity and if you do it tells you why.

Sales Management allows you to:

  • Group everything into one location
  • Track your sales enquiries
  • Group sales categories by specific values
  • Maintain sales orders for stock and non-stock items
  • Amend Schedules

What are the benefits of Sales Management?

  • Full sales traceability
  • Integration with pre-sales
  • Full control of sales
  • Simple to use
  • Saves you time


Uniplan's fully integrated accountancy module means that all costs are managed centrally with no rekeying of information. Full integration with HR, Resource Management and Calendars, Time in Attendance, Payroll, Online Banking and HMRC automation. Also includes Cashbook, Fixed Assets Register, Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers. All with drilldown facilities so you know exactly what your information means and more importantly the position of your business.

The Financials module allows you to:

  • See information that is specific to you
  • Maintain the nominal accounts
  • Design and produce reports
  • See and print the details of all transactions posted over a range of periods
  • Enter and maintain standing nominal journals

The benefits of Uniplan Financials include:

  • Significant time saving
  • Search for information based on customer, supplier, journal code or value or reference
  • Keep track of everything going on in the business
  • Fully integrated within the likes of HR and Time in Attendance etc


Controlling stock is essential to managing your business. Uniplan’s inventory management is well equipped to deal with your requirements. Through its multi location and batch traceability processes managing warehouse, stores, consignment and remote locations and well as lineside and KANBAN production locations aiding stock visibility and control.

The Inventory module allows you to:

  • Create individual stock records for finished products, sub-assemblies, components or raw materials
  • Record the on-hand, due-in, allocated and free stock details for each item
  • Receive goods in when they have arrived
  • Maintain the stock file
  • Transfer stock items to and from other companies
  • Update or create records on the customer price/discount file without the need to manually adjust or create each individual record
  • Be able to track quantity levels with the use of a dashboard wiget

The benefits for Uniplan Inventory include:

  • Automatic quantity control
  • Create or update records with ease
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Full control
  • Specify the system to suit your needs

Capacity Planning

Uniplan provides comprehensive and sophisticated planning aids for both materials and capacity. Rough Cut, Infinite and Finite capacity scheduling can be run separately or on a mixed basis to simulate every possible production scenario. Information can be viewed and accessed through on screen bar charts and graphs by dates, work centres or exceptions, meaning schedules can be quickly adjusted to produce work-to lists for the most effective loading of machines, cells or work centres.

Capacity Planning allows you to:

  • Analyse the gross requirements
  • Simulate production scenarios
  • Produce detailed reports
  • View information graphically
  • Schedule operations
  • See the capacity free in each work centre

What are the benefits of using Capacity Planning?

  • Use your resources more efficiently
  • Significant time and cost savings for the business
  • Be able to plan ahead if you have a specific busy season
  • Accurate projections

Production Management

From reserved stock and MPS (Master Production Scheduling) and inclusion from Enquiries to Works Orders and MRP (Material Resource Planning), Uniplan provides complex yet easy to use production methods. Full capacity planning, finite and infinite scheduling and MRPII capabilities makes any company's processes possible. Full Bill Of Materials, Structure and Routes ensures that all products are manufactured to the correct specification and full batch trace or partial batch trace maintains full multi-industry specific compliance with standards.

Production Management allows you to:

  • Create and maintain works orders
  • See at a glance all the requirements and due dates
  • Monitor and control inventory
  • Have real time data
  • Produce detailed reports

What are the benefits to Production Management?

  • Enables you to manage production with ease
  • Reduce errors and improve quality
  • Time and cost savings

Packing and Shipping

This module gives you the ability to choose items from different sales orders for a particular customer, put them into bags, boxes or pallets, then add them to shipments and prepare customs documentation, (if used) despatch them and ship them all from the same screen. Labels will be printed at the point you pack things up (assuming a label printer is connected). EDI files (if used) can also be created automatically to match the contents of the packages. Create your shipping documentation and pack your shipment effectively, by identifying what is packed where, with weights and itemised labeling to match. Full customs documentation for export shipments are available.

Packing and Shipping allows you to:

  • Choose many items to be dispatched from many different sales orders
  • Create one document detailing all the items together
  • Add expected time of arrival and carrier codes
  • See the details of each shipment
  • Create and print customs Documentation for a shipment
  • Choose, package and despatch items all from the same screen

Uniplan's Packing and Shipping contains the following benefits:

  • Simple to use
  • Saves time and money
  • Ability to have custom documentation

Electronic Data Interchange

Uniplan provides EDI functionality enabling you to seamlessly integrate with your business partners. This allows for greater control through your delivery and invoicing processes. Consignments are easily labelled and electronically despatched giving your key EDI customers the confidence they chose the right supply chain supplier.

EDI allows you to:

  • Import files directly
  • Track and trace all files being sent
  • Examine the EDI documents first
  • View current schedules, previous despatches and last receipts

What are the benefits of using EDI?

  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and manual interventions
  • Workable for all business sizes
  • Time and cost savings

Payroll and HR

Uniplan’s Payroll system provides a means of recording, calculating and reporting the gross and nett pay, PAYE, National Insurance, statutory sick pay and pension details of your employees. By linking this with our Resource Tracking Module you can also incorporate staff annual leave and sick days automatically. Weekly payroll may be operated on an hourly, weekly or gross weekly basis, which gives you the flexibility to use any of these pay periods. In addition to the basic calculation, up to 40 pre and post tax adjustments can be applied to the individuals pay.

A variety of reports can be produced from Payroll including payslips, cheques, credit transfer, P60’S and P35’s. The Payroll system also caters for the Government statutory sick pay scheme (SSP). Periods of incapacity to work (PIWs) are recorded and the system will then calculate the payments to be made and include them in the employee gross totals during the gross to nett calculation. These payments will appear as separate items on payslips and payroll analysis reports. Statutory maternity pay (SMP/SAP/SPP) is included on various types of pension schemes can also be used.

Uniplan Payroll provides

  • Fully compliant with all HMRC regulations and legal requirements of payroll
  • Offers a quality standard validation check of all information prior to HMRC submission
  • Access to online submission saving processing time and duplication of information
  • Monthly and weekly pay periods available
  • Weekly payroll can be operated on an hourly, weekly or gross weekly basis
  • Up to 40 pre and post tax adjustments can be applied to an individual’s pay
  • Statutory maternity pay (SMP/SAP/SPP)
  • Government statutory sick pay scheme (SSP)
  • Advanced reporting including payslips, cheques and credit transfers, P60s and P35s, coinage and payroll analysis can be produced

What are the benefits of using the Payroll module?

  • Peace of Mind
  • Saves time and money
  • Keeps your company up to date
  • Gives you control
  • Increased Productivity
  • No data protection issues

Resource Tracking and Time in Attendance

Keep track of your staff, by planning where they should be and when. Diary functionality makes your resources, holidays, absences and training visible. Automatic links to payroll provide reliable and accurate information, reducing hours of manual calculation.

Resource Tracking and Time in Attendance allows you to:

  • See at a glance what each member of staff is doing each day
  • Compare planned daily routines against actual time routines
  • Build up a full picture of who was where and when against what they were planned to do
  • Link Time In Attendance through to Payroll
  • Build up reports of any of the exceptions you have used in Resource Tracking

What benefits are there from using Resource Tracking and Time in Attendance?

  • Allows you to see who is where on any date, making sure you don’t have two key people on holiday at the same time
  • Can be easily edited
  • Saves time and money
  • Visable to everyone
  • Colour coded to make it as obvious as possible

Service and Warranties

Uniplan’s Service & Warranties Module provides the ability to log, allocate, track and report on plant/product service calls, allocated to employees or sub contractors, and to see part information including serial numbers and warranty information. By controlling stock in uniplan it allows you to identify which stock items must have a serial number attached to them prior to despatch allowing the identification of specific parts, and tracking of where that item has been sent and what has happened to it since, and more importantly when its warranty expires.

Engineers call reporting, time spent on site, parts booked to the job, tracking of any follow up calls required can all be easily managed centrally from the Service & Warranties Module. Using the links to Resource Tracking you can easily see the availability of your engineers/consultants and make new bookings based on incoming new service calls. One of the big benefits of using this within uniplan is that our extensive filters mean you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

Service and Warranties allows you to:

  • Log, allocate, track and report on plant/product service calls
  • Identify the stock items that must have a serial number
  • Track follow up calls with ease
  • Find where specific parts have been sent and their current delivery status
  • Search all Service & Warranties calls with specific data

What are the benefits of using Service and Warranties?

  • Manage Service Contracts
  • Establish and maintain warranty agreements
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Gives you full control
  • Significant time and cost savings


From requisitions, authorisation and purchases, Uniplan can cater for all your purchasing needs. Whether you drive this environment via MRP or directly from sales, control it via requisitions or direct order entry, the process is flexible giving you the satisfaction that critical components will be available when you require them.

Procurement allows you to:

  • Immediate and actionable spend visibility
  • Have critical components when you require them
  • Cater for all your purchasing needs

What are the benefits of using Procurement

  • Gives you full control
  • Flexible Process
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Time and cost savings


The wealth of information held within the Uniplan database can be accessed quickly and easily to deliver analysis on your exact requirements. Dashboards, reports and drilldown via analytical tools allow a powerful and key information stream.

Shop Floor

To aid job costing and production tracking, Uniplan is easily able to monitor labour times and production milestones. Collate costing and material bookings directly from the shop floor enabling you to manage and visualise the production environment delivering your product on time while managing costs and margins.