Pinnula’s production and resource planning tool will not only streamline your business but give you the ability to control your workload, maximising your productivity. By implementing our unique advanced planning and scheduling software you will be able to deliver higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

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Uplanit is a sophisticated yet simple to use scheduling tool. It’s the perfect tool in environments where time can be a crucial factor and you need to match the supply and demand of your customers to deliver first class performance. Uplanit will identify all possible methods of achieving the end result by finding the most effective method for your business. We’ve made sure that Uplanit concentrates purely on maintaining control of the production resource element which is required to fulfil work tasks and jobs you wish to complete.

Data such as routes and operations can be held in the complementary ERP system or in Uplanit. Usually, an ERP system takes care of job costing then the primary data is held in the existing software.

The Uplanit scheduler is not confined to manufacturing processes. It can be implemented equally at home for scheduling meeting rooms and training sessions. Any function that has a requirement to match resources with space, equipment or staffing constraints can be planned with Uplanit.

The flexible and easy to read views allow you to see what you need, when you need it and because Uplanit matches demand to actual resources you will be able to create achievable plans, facilitating more accurate decision making.

The low cost of owner of Uplanit gives you a rapid return on your investment and it can be licensed for a single user on a PC up to mounting it on a server for multiple users, giving you ultimate flexibility.


Uplanit is feature rich making it configurable to the way you work. Listed below are just some of the functions which makes this product a must have when scheduling your work loads.

  • Genetic algorithms which schedule your minimum, late or early requirements
  • Dynamic planning board
    • Drag and drop facility
    • User definable colour coded early/late indicator
    • Multiple views

  • Multi directional scheduling
  • Finite schedules with infinite capacity work centres
  • Unique slide bar feature to show and scale the planning board by time period
  • Definable overlapping operations by percentage
  • Fixed and unfixed work orders
  • Multiple resource calendars
    • Cell
    • Machine
    • Person

  • Resource efficiencies
  • Primary and secondary resources
  • Multiple and combined priorities
    • Order
    • Customer
    • Person

  • Multiple standard reports
    • Multiple work to lists
    • Schedule exceptions
    • Pending operations
    • Multiple available capacity

  • User definable run dimensions allowing the processing of the requirements to limited to a specific criteria and time frame
  • Multiple colour pallet for graphics board
  • Schedule status bar
  • Hover status window on chart bars
  • Multiple attributes
    • Product
    • Operation

  • Runtime by part
  • Runtime by rate per hour
  • Time slot rates
  • Fix and unfix work orders by range
  • Unlimited data for operations and resources
  • Wait times
  • Retained work order relationships
  • Manual WIP update by operation
  • Shop floor data capture touch screen facilities
  • Single PC to multiple client operation
    • What is Finite Capacity Scheduling? +

      Finite scheduling, schedules your work load according to the available capacity and any given constraints or rules that have been
    • What is Infinite Capacity Scheduling? +

      Infinite scheduling occurs where the work load is scheduled with no reference to the available capacity or resource. It assumes
    • Will Uplanit run single user out of the box? +

      Uplanit can run stand alone or multi user, password controlled on a central server.
    • Can Uplanit fix defined time periods and reschedule the rest? +

      Yes, Uplanit has options to fix and unfix a range of orders or a single order. This allows the firm
    • Can I give priority to my best customers? +

      Yes, Uplanit has three priority scheduling parameters - order, customer and/or a combination of the two.
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